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HB1 Chaplain Bert McQueen: Chaplain McQueen, CMC, MSW, Executive Director of APFCM, is a Certified Master Chaplain with the International Conference of Police Chaplains'. He is a recognized instructor with the ICISF for the “ Small
Group” CISM and Individual/Peer Support/ Crisis Intervention Strategies” and
the National Guards “Trained Crisis Responsor” and the Pastoral Crisis
Intervention” and the Advance Group” CISM and “Suicide: Prevention,
Intervention and Postvention” course and the Suicide Wareness: (1 day) an
introduction for crisis Responders (anyone doing intake assessments) and the
Post Critical Incident Seminar (the FBI Model)

McQueen is the founder of several programs in Alaska; The Alaska State Troopers
Chaplaincy, the Alaska Police and fire Chaplains Ministries, that provides
Chaplains’ services throughout Alaska, The Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains’
Association, that promotes standardization and professionalism in the law
enforcement and fire chaplaincy, the Alaska CISM Teams Network, The MatSu (Palmer/Wasilla
and surrounding areas) CISM Team and the Anchorage CISM team that provides a
complete program for stress management for the Alaska law Enforcement and Fire
Rescue community and the communities they serve.

McQueen has served as a Police and Fire Chaplain in Alaska for thirty five
years, and is considered one of th leaders in the field of Emergency Services
Chaplaincy and Traumatology in Alaska and has received national recognition for
his leadership in Law Enforcement Chaplaincy from ICPC and his CISM service,
training, promotion and statewide team development efforts by the ICISF
organization. LTC McQueen (Chaplain) has served as the State of Alaska as the
Commanding Chaplain with the states 49th readiness Brigade, DMVA,

HB-2 Chaplain Diane Peterson is a Deputy Director of APFCM and oversees operations.
She also serves as a volunteer call out chaplain for APD and AFD. Diane was appointed as a deputy director in
2012 and has been with APFCM since 2004.
Diane recently received board
 certification in Clinical Chaplaincy
Pastoral Counseling through the College of Pastoral Supervision 
and Psychotherapy
(CPSP). This 
post-masters degree certification
 requires four units of
Clinical Pastoral 
Education (CPE), 1600 hrs. of clinical 
training, weekly
presentations of clinical 
casework for supervisory and group review, 
didactic study. To gain certification, 
candidates present a thesis paper,
 autobiography and case reviews to the 
review board. Successful
candidates then
 commit to an ongoing peer group 
relationship in a CPSP
Chapter (Association 
of Professional Chaplains) and must be
annually by their Chapter. Diane has extensive CISM training along with suicide prevention and post-vention train-the-trainer. Diane is a
Master Chaplain with ICPC, the International Conference of Police Chaplains, and in 2014
received the Distinguished Service award, for Region 2. Diane has raised five children, has one
grandchild and does missionary work around the world. Diane’s favorite quote and basis of her
ministry is: “When you are in the service of your fellow man, you are in
service of your God”

HB-52 Chaplain Marlan Schoenleben;
Schoenleben is The APFCM Deputy Director of Administrations for APFCM
and assigned to Airport Safety, Police and Fire and to the Anchorage
Police Department. Chaplain Schoenleben has served as a Fire Chief in
Southeast Alaska and when he moved to Anchorage he contacted APFCM and
said that when he had his newly started church organized and stable he
would like to volunteer as a chaplain

HB-36 Deborah Casello is the Community Resource Advisor and part of the call out chaplain team. Coordinating support services and programs with survivors/victims, APFCM will be able to refer community members in need to appropriate resources, which will aid the healing process. Deb is the chaplains' community representative and serves on the Anchorage Suicide Prevention Coalition. Deb has a BA in Communications and she volunteered with the Trauma Intervention Program (T.I.P.) affiliated with the Las Vegas Police and Fire Departments. T.I.P., an on-call program requiring 36 hours of training, functions in the same manner as the Chaplain Ministry. Deb has also completed several FEMA classes, Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention, and the Connect Post-Vention, both Train the Trainer courses. The Casello family moved from Hawaii to Anchorage, in December of 2011, when Deb's husband, Jay, transferred with the Air Force. He is a Combat Rescue Officer at JBER. They have two teenaged children, in local middle and high schools. The entire family is enjoying exploring Alaska and being part of the Anchorage community.

Chaplain Keith Randall HB 42 / "Chaplain 1" Central Peninsula Emergency Services; APFCM Central Peninsula Area Director / Chaplain Randall is a dedicated Pastor of a local church and volunteers as the lead chaplain throughout the Peninsula. Because of his leadership and example he has enlisted the help of several other local Pastors and initiating the new 24/7 call out chaplains calendar for this area. Keith has been a dedicated chaplain and has added in many areas of the APFCM chaplaincy. He designed our logo, has written our chaplains certification guidelines, and brings administrative skills and a wealth of new ideas to our program. Keith has been recognized by his chaplain peers as one of APFCM chaplains of the year for Alaska. Keith is truly a friend of the Alaska Police and Fire Chaplains Ministries.

Chaplain Angela E. Jones; HB , Chief Master Sergeant Angela E. Jones is the Human Resources Adviser for the Alaska Air National Guard. She is stationed at Ft Richardson, Alaska. Chief Jones’ was an active duty Air Force enlisted member for over 9 years. She served as a Personnel Affairs Specialist at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. In 1988, Chief Jones separated from the active duty, and then in August 1988, she joined the Alaska Air National Guard at Eielson Air Force Base. In 1997 she was selected as the 168th Air Refueling Wing Human Resource Adviser. In January 2000, Chief Jones was selected for the Alaska Air National Guard Human Resource Adviser.

Chaplain Angela Jones serves as the APFCM Alaska Interior Area Representative. We are proud of her career and look forward to her impact on the APFCM program.
HB-69 CHAPLAIN SAM DALIN: Chaplain Dalin serves as a chaplain and is available to the local State Troopers, Fire and Police agencies in the Juneau area, He is the APFCM Southeast Regional Director and serves as Chaplain in the Alaska State Defense Force at the military rank of (Captain), ASDF/DMVA. Chaplain Dalin serves as part of the area CISM Team and has responded to many CISM responses. Chaplain Dalin has several levels of ICISF CISM Training. He has resently be selected as part of the International Conference of Police Chaplains' Disaster Response Team. ; Chaplain Dalin was appointed and accepted the ICPC State position as the Alaska Representative .
Chaplain Victor Marbury HB 12; Assigned to Anchorage Fire Department and Coordinates Regular Chapel services at Alaska Regional Hospital and is a Volunteer Visiting Chaplain at ARH. Chaplain Marbury has been a faithful partner in the our ministry for several years and is very community minded. Victor volunteers to help in many areas; e.g., every Sunday Victor and his family hold services for the staff and patients of Alaska Regional Hospital, a couple years ago, he passed out the DVD "Fire Safe" to all the Anchorage Fire Department stations. You will see chaplain Marbury show up in many community activities. He is an excellent friend of APFCM and those in need.
HB-53 Chaplain Mary Bolin holds a Master of Science Degree in Nursing from Montana State University and is certified in the practice of kinlein from the Institute of Kinlein in Hyattsville, Maryland. She
was an Associate Professor at the University of Alaska, Anchorage,
School of Nursing, prior to going into private practice. Mrs.
Bolin maintains an active practice as a kinlein practitioner assisting
individuals, families and groups in regard to issues of life.
She is a licensed minister of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana. Mary and her husband Max have been involved in mission ministry since 1996. MSN
Chaplain Bolin has completed CISM training in the following: Individual Crisis Intervention; Peer Support; Group Crisis Intervention; Advanced Group Crisis Intervention; Crisis Intervention Team; Suicide Intervention; and Pastoral Crisis Intervention.
not pictured
Chaplain Mark Roberts HB 20; Chaplain Roberts has served with APFCM for approximately 15 years. . Chaplain Roberts serving as the primary Eagle River Response Chaplain. Chaplain Roberts joined the Chugach Volunteer Fire Department and now is a Captain with their agency. In his real life, Chaplain Robert works for the State of Alaska in the States Disaster Operation Center and has work in IC on many local and national disasters. Mark has extensive training in ICS and CISM.


HB 50- Chaplain Ruth Lewis has been with APFCM several years. She serves in the valley as support
to officers and spouses. Chaplain Lewis has completed many ICISF crictical incident trainings.
Ruth has also completed the Crisis Intervention Training proving specific training to work with the mentally ill.
HB-8 Chaplain Saolotoga S.Siania (Sal); Chaplain Siania serves as a chaplain for Anchorage Police Department for several years and also volunteers as a Alaska Regional Hospital chaplain. Chaplain Siania is a local pastor and is an asset to our program. Being retire from the military; he brings to our program stability and maturity Chaplain Sal is also a Samoan Interpreter
Chaplain Wally COregon, HB-6Chaplain Wally Corrigan has been the Chaplain for Seward Fire Department since August, 2005, and also a Firefighter/EMT. He is a Permanent Deacon ordained for the Archdiocese of Anchorage in October, 1999. Chaplain Corrigan is a retired US Naval Officer.

HB-39: Norman Elliott: Chaplain Elliott will soon be serving at ARH and assisting in other chaplaincy support throughout the Anchorage and state as needed.DOB February 2, 1919 -
; U.S. Army April 7,1941 - April 21, 1946 In E.T.O. with 89th Inf. Div. 341st F.A. Bn. B Btry; College: Detroit Institute of Technology B.A. degree 1948 Virginia Theological Seminary 1948-1951 M.Div degree Chaplaincy Training: New Hampshire Mental Hospital, Concord, NH 3 months 1949, Ordained Deacon in the Episcopal Church 1951 Ordained Priest in the Episcopal Church, Episcopal Missionary District of Alaska, February 17, 1952 in Anchorage, Alaska Obtained pilot's license in 1952. As District Missioner and Archdeacon of the Yukon served Native villages from Eagle to Tanana and Arctic Village. Chaplain Norm presently is Chaplain to the Port of Anchorage and Navy League and Civilian Chaplain for the Episcopal members of the Armed Forces in Alaska,

HB-94 Audrey Saganna Sr.; Chaplain Audrey M. Saganna Sr.: a life long North Slope resident who established herself in various leadership roles in Barrow. . Audrey is a registered trainer for Suicide First Aid-Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training by LivingWorks; Completed ICISF CISM Course 14hours of Group Crisis Intervention; 13 Hours of Individual Crisis Intervention and 14 Hours Peer Support; Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention; 20 Hours of General Orientation of behavioral Health; 8 Hours of Ethics and Consent and Confidentially and Privacy; 8 Hours of Recovery, Health, Wellness and Balance. Ukpeagvik Presbyterian Church Ordained Deacon, 2004 to Present; Cornerstone Community Church member;Member of the Emergency Operational Plan of Samuel Simmonds Hospital, Sexual Assault Response Team Member, and volunteer to provide ministry for those in need.

HB 35 Chaplain Micky Boyer: Chaplain Boyer is the APFCM Lead Chaplain and Area Representative for the MatSu. Chaplain Boyer serve as chaplain for the Wasilla PD and responds to any Emergency Services Agency, e.g., Police, Fire, Troopers, ect., in the MatSu. Chaplain Boyer is also the Senior Pastor at his local Church in Palmer. He has several levels of CISM Training.

HB 10 Chaplain Brad Rogers: Chaplain Rogers is the Senior Pastor at his local church in Wasilla. He is in training and will be attending CISM courses as them become available. Chaplain Rogers has completed the CISM Suicide: pre, Inter and Postvention course. Also Chaplain McQueen and Chaplain Boyer will be mentoring him in Chaplaincy. Chaplain Rogers also will be joining the Alaska State Defense Force Chaplaincy. Chaplain Rogers is retired military.
HB 18 Melissa Kitko - We welcome Melissa ans her therapy dog Diamond. Mellisa adds a huge

component to healing thru dog therapy. Chaplain Kitko has agreed to act as the APFCM registrar andcan be reached at registrar@apfcm.org Under the oversight of Chaplain Marlan Schoenleben; She has taken the Chaplains List and is managing the accountability of the Chaplains roster, the CISM Training list for those that have attended ICISF CISM program and Chaplains Certification program.

HB 31 Sara Brown Sara has been with the Chaplains for aprox a year. Sara brings many years of experience as Native Luthern Pastor. Sara has a heart for thr homeless.

HB 37 Kristine Masneri - Kristine has been apart of APFCM for many years as a mental health support person. Kristine has retired from the school district after 19 years in social work. Welcome to the team.

HB 90 Ciesta Williams- Ciesta has joined our ministry to serve as a hospital Chaplain.

HB 93 Tasiga Toilolo (Taz) - Taz is excited to join our team and serve the community as a Samoan speaking Chaplain

HB-55 Ian Niecko: Ian received his B.S. in Education from Central Michigan
University. Following graduation, he became a licensed minister in the Church
of the Brethren (about 5 years). At this time, he worked as a campus intern
pastor for a campus ministry at Central Michigan University. He graduated from
Oral Roberts University with both a Master’s of Divinity and a Masters of
Biblical Literature degree. Ian also completed a unit of clinical pastoral education
at Bronson Methodist Hospital (Kalamazoo, M) as a chaplain intern. He has
completed CISM training (group, advanced group, and individual) and looks
forward to being of service in the YK Delta area. Presently, Ian is employed by
Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation and works as a Behavioral Health Aide (BHA)
in Aniak, AK. As a BHA, he teaches classes (anger management and substance
abuse), organizes weekly children’s activities, and does monthly teachings in
the school district.


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